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  • Web Design

    Do you want to launch your activities on the Internet? Do you need to promote you tourist activities and manage the bookings? Do you want a simple window on the web or do you have the need for a secure eCommerce to manage yourself?
    We take care of everything, through good graphics with a strong visual impact, united with functionality and ease of being traced online, we guarantee you the efficacy of the website and of your investment!
  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive Web Design is a technique designed to ensure that the layout and content of a website adapt to different screen sizes, from large monitors to tablets and smartphones.
  • Social Pages

    We offer the creation and management of profiles for the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc..
    Ask us for a quote, you will be surprised how little it will cost you!
    The management of the page "Social" of your company will be entrusted to our team who will take care of the insertion of content such as photos, information and offers. To manage your Facebook page to a professional in communication allows you to communicate with users in an effective and low cost. It 's always most important for companies to be present on social networks, the creation of pages and groups on Facebook or other social ii allows you to present your products / services to customers, with direct communication, participatory and allows you to reach millions of users. In this way it is possible to have direct contact with customers, while strengthening the company's image and customer confidence. In Italy there are about 16 million registered users on Facebook. A significant number to make known its activities in the most used social network in the world. Insert the trademark of Facebook on your site means to be in step with the times, qualify your site in the eyes of the visitors. The website will be updated and credible to navigators.

  • Hosting Internet

    Our activity concerns all about the Internet world.
    We can supply the following services: Creation or Restyling of Internet Sites Recording and/or transfer dominions WebHosting Positioning in the first places on the search engines Banners Creation Digital Catalogues on cd Give your business a professional presence on the Web, contact us, our staff will be happy to help and advise on the appropriate step.
  • Graphic Design

    Our work concerns everything that has to do with the corporate image, a concept that encompasses all the different aspects of the company: products and the services, the experience and the behavior of the employees, the way in which the company communicates with the customers and the visual identity which expresses the company’s image in the outside world. Give your company a professional image; you can rely on us and your investment will be reflected in profits. Contact us, our staff will be happy to advice you and help take the right choices.
  • Photography and Post-Production

    We produce photo shoots in the studio or on location. We have our staff and we cooperate with several professional photographers to create photographic services industrial, for product brochures, advertising, still life, publishing, conferences or meetings.
    We are experts in post-production camera to make sure that every shot becomes "perfect" just as it should be!
  • Food Bakery Expert

    Pastry, Bakery, Pizza: Flour, Semi-finished Products, Natural Yeast, Surrogates and Chocolate, Margarine and Mélanges are our daily bread.
    Talk to us about these issues is easy, because we are dealing with more than 25 years! With our customers do not need to invest so much time and words to tell us about the characteristics and problems of the product, we are able to enter immediately in the topics and identify solutions quickly!
  • Video Motion Graphics

    COMMUNICATE WITH A VIDEO What is motion graphics? It is a language that allows you to inform and express concepts that are difficult to explain, in a clear, simple and fast way. What can you do with motion graphics? Business, information, product videos, commercials, video for websites, social networks, promotions, tutorials, and more. Why motion graphics? Motion-based video clips let you know values, philosophy and strengths in an eye-catching, engaging and immediate way, generating interest and curiosity in the user. Thanks to its flexibility, it is an excellent compromise between quality and price. Stages of realization 1) BRIEF The key themes are addressed together with the client by defining the key points and goals that they want to achieve. 2) CONCEPT The concept on which the video will be based on Motion Graphics is developed. 3) STORYBOARD A series of representative sketches of composition with captions, shots, and drawings representing the finished product are produced. 4) VECTORIALIZATION Vectorialized reproduction of table graphics. The project must be approved and signed by the customer. 5) EXECUTIVE The graphic elements are animated and accompanied by a soundtrack.